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Guests may visit the students while on the college campus. Each visitor must however be screened and made to sign in on the visitors’ sheet and obtain a visitor’s ID tag at the Reception Desk. Visits for regular classes are limited to 5 days per semester per visitor. In consideration of the teachers and other students, we cannot allow children in the school during class sessions.

Student Ministry Hours

At the discretion of the Presidency, every semester, each student will be required to is required to volunteer certain hours of his/her time for active ministerial assignments in the local church, church-related ministry or other approved ministry during each semester. An aspect of the training will also be credited.

Classroom Policies

The following “common sense” policies will help to maintain an appropriate classroom atmosphere in the school:

1. The first chime sequence will begin two minutes before class begins. You should be seated and ready in the classroom before the final chime of the second sequence.

2. Students should be quiet during class. Please be courteous to the teacher and your fellow students.

3. Food and drinks are to be consumed in the break room. Only covered, non-spill containers with water are allowed in the classrooms.

4. Only authorized personnel are to operate the sound board and CD/DVD operating equipment

5. All cell phones, pagers, or other devices that would cause disruption are to be turned off before entering the classroom. Text messaging and emailing are not allowed during class. Please, be responsible to comply in these areas.

6. If you are self-employed, do not conduct business during class hours.

7. Student-initiated offerings are not allowed.

8. Internet use, games or other non-class related use of computers during class time is not permitted.

General Condition for students in the school

Students must first and foremost be born-again students.
Students must have a church base and are to bring letter of recommendation along with them from their church pastor, parent, guardian or spouse or any reputable person in the society who is acceptable to the LJMTI.
Students are to correctly fill their registration form with correct and traceable address, along with 3 referees included in the form.
Students areto submit along with the registration form:
-4 passport photographs

– 2 file jackets

5. Students must get personal copies of all the books written by God’s servant Rev Olusola Areogun, in order to soak the same spirit of faith upon god’s servant into their lives.

Students must live a life approved of God publicly and privately as any secret life of sin will lead to summary dismissal from the school.
Students areexpected to exhibit high sense of responsibility, as no act of irresponsibility will be tolerated, hence students are to take note of the following
personal effects to resume with-

Bed sheets, pillow and pillowcases.
2 buckets and bowl
Kerosene stove or Gas cooker
Cooking pots, Plates and cutleries.
Soap and sponge
Toothpaste and brush.
Shoe polish and brush
Pressing Iron
Food items and provisions

Clothes and other wears
A functional laptop computer.
Hard- cover notebooks.
Bibles (As many translations as you may afford)
Bible Concordances and Dictionaries.
English dictionary.

Please note that you are to take personal responsibility of your feeding. Hence, no community living is allowed among the school students. You are to depend on your own provisions and not others. No case of theft or other related matter/ ungodly conducts must be recorded among the students and you must take responsibility for the maintenance of the school vicinity and accommodation facility. You are also not permitted to use electric stoves or boiling rings in the accommodation facility. Possession of hard drugs of any form is strictly prohibited. Students are not allowed to bring in opposite sex into their accommodation facility. While they may come on visit, on no occasion must they sleep in the hostel.

You are to obey the rules and regulations governing the school, refrain from every form of ungodly act and show respect to all faculty members of the institute at all times. Failure to comply with this provision shall lead to your automatic expulsion from the school.

Each student is to serve in the spirit of humility and selflessness in order to partake of the Elijah-Elisha training programme of the school.
No visitors are allowed in the dormitory, visitors are only allowed on the visiting days and they are restricted to the reception hall.
Students are to receive formal training on video shooting/ recording, T.V. editing and audio recording.
Students will be assigned to transcribe message and other duties as it is required during their stay.
Practicals and projects will be part of the curriculum.
All students for full-time programme must be on campus for the whole year.

Dress code policy

Modesty and good taste are to be considered the principle for all students while on campus

or at LJJMTI functions. Business-casual dress for men and women that is clean and neat is appropriate for classes and daily campus activities. Occasionally, circumstances may dictate more formal attire. On such occasions, dresses for ladies and suit for men would be appropriate. These events might be if you had to minister in a church, speak from the platform or other types of public meetings.

We also expect good personal hygiene. This would include daily bathing, clean clothes, having your hair combed, using deodorant, nice breath, etc.

Attire that is not acceptable in the classroom includes the following.

1. Shorts or mini-skirts of any kind are not to be worn. Skirts should be no shorter than knee length.

2. Sweat pants and tank tops are not to be worn.

3. We prefer that T-shirts not be worn. Button-up shirts with tie are acceptable.

4. No flip-flops or beach sandals are to be worn.

5. Ladies, if we can see down it, up it or through it…or it’s so tight that we don’t need to, it is not appropriate for school.

6. The length of ladies’ tops must pass the “praise the Lord” test.

If your attire doesn’t meet the dress code, you will be asked to go home and change.

Campus Discipline Policies and Guidelines

Titus 2:11-15, Mt 18:15-20, Ro 13, 16:17-18, He 13:17, Jn 1:17, 1Cor 7:1, Mt 13:24-30

A. These scriptures represent the “spirit” which the bible conveys concerning

personal discipline and responsible Christian/student behavior.

B. You are accountable to be familiar with the entire Student Handbook in which personal accountability is outlined.

C. There may also be circumstances when special accountability is required.

This will be determined by the Dean of the Faculty

Conduct and Correction

We expect every student of the LJMTI to conduct themselves in agreement with the teachings of scripture at all times while enrolled as a student—both on and off campus. Any instance in the life of the student deemed immoral or unseemly by the President Dean of the faculty or those in authority, will be considered grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.


A. The Dean of School may bring a student in for counsel and correction.

B. If a student fails to respond to personal, group or special counseling, the Dean of the College may issue a warning or suspension.

C. If a student fails to respond adequately to correction or if the problem is of a serious nature, he/she will be suspended or dismissed from the campus at the discretion of the President or the Dean of the School.

D. The student may be allowed to re-enroll at a later date if an acceptable change has taken place. That decision is at the sole discretion of the President or the dean of the Faculty.

Completion Requirements

1. You must have at least a 60% year-end grade average.

2. You must pass the two semesters with at least a 60% average per semester.

3. Your tuition and all other fees must be paid in full.

You must hveonethrough the LJMTI practical ministerial trainings.

Note: If, for some reason, these requirements are not met, you will not receive your assessment report or Certificate of Completion.

Practical Sessions.

The Bible School Will Have Practical Sessions Attached to It for first hand Experience in the Aspect Listed below at any of the Dream Centre Branches:

Leading Souls to Christ.
Discipling Converts.
Holy Ghost Baptism Ministrations.
Ministering Healing To the Sick.
Casting Out Demons.

Art of Worship.
Publicity, Mobilization and Execution of Outreaches.
Mission Work-
Note: If, for some reason, these requirements are not met, you will not receive your Certificate.

Local Church attendance

You are to attend weekly church services. Exceptions should be rare and for strong reasons. Gathering together with a body of believers is not only scriptural, but also a vital part of your training for the ministry. By becoming involved, you have opportunities for student ministries.

List of Recommended Textbooks by Rev and Rev (Mrs) Olusola Areogun for LJMTI Students

All students in the Institute will be required to have all books by God’s servants, Rev and Rev (Mrs) Olusola Areogun. These books will be needed by the students. Students are to ensure that they not only have those books, they must study them thoroughly.


All students shall take the compulsory general first and second semester courses. However, the third semester courses shall be based on the area of specialization that each student wants to offer. All students shall take the courses in the colleges of Administration, Holy Ghost Studies and college of ministry and Destiny alongside courses in their college of specialization. Each session shall consist of three semesters, the first second and third.


1. E-administration: LJMTI is fully ICT complaint and every student is expected to have basic computer literacy.

2. Complete Academic Assessment: Every student will be graded based on several requirement. These include:

a. -Academic Records: That every student should be graded based on their performance. The Certificate should be with honours. Their academic records weighs 40% of the assessment

b. -Project: This will go for 20%

c. -Field work: This is expected to go for 40% of their assessment. This include:

i. Deliverance Clinic: To be part of their Time-table. Each student would be ministered to and afterwards they would understudy the deliverance ministration at the deliverance clinic.

ii. Outreaches: Every student to belong in an outreach and will be graded by the outreach coordinator

iii. Special Meeting attendance

iv. Travelling with Daddy and Mummy for ministration

v. Second service attendance is compulsory

3. Notes to keep: The following notes are expected to be kept by all students.

a. Course note

b. Note for video messages

c. Note for Questions

d. Note for Book Review.