he School’s financial Policy

Tuition payments are due the first school day of each semester. While you may be allowed to pay your fees in part, it is your responsibility to ensure that your fees are paid up before the commencement of examination of a particular semester.

If for some reason, your tuition and all other fees or charges are not paid in full at the end

of the year, you will not receive your assessment report, Certificate of Completion, diploma, degree; nor will you be able to participate in the promotion or graduation ceremonies. At the time your tuition becomes current, your report card, Certificate of Completion, diploma, degree and/or license will be issued.

Refund Policy

If a student who has paid up all tuition officially withdraws from the school and has submitted a staff-signed withdrawal form, he /she may be granted a tuition refund as follows:

Second week of term

100% refund of tuition paid for term

Third week of term

50% refund of tuition paid for term

Fourth week of term

25% refund of tuition paid for term

Fifth week and on of term

0% refund of tuition paid for term

Please note that the student application fee, books and miscellaneous materials are independent and unrelated to tuition. Refunds include tuition only and do not include fees.