Academic Guidelines

Even though grades will be given for each class, our emphasis at the LJMTI is on spiritual feeding, character growth and maturity rather than academic perfection. Grades are given to help the student measure his or her own progress. Discipline is encouraged. People will fail in life because they do not place enough importance on faithfulness and promptness. Your attendance, character development and sonship will play a major role during your time at Living Jesus Ministerial Training Institue.

Exams will be given for each class taught and they are a primary way of accessing the student’s understanding of the subject. For students who do not satisfactorily complete the work in a term, they will be put on academic probation for the following term. Once all three terms of the first year of study are completed, the student is permitted to enter the second year of study (on the next start date).

Grading System

A = Excellent 70 – 100%

B = Above Average

60 –


C = Average

50 –


D = Below Average

45 –


F = Failing

0 –


Attendance Policy

You are required to wear your photo ID card in plain view at all times when on the LJMTI campus. If you do not have your photo ID present and visible, you will be required to leave the campus. This will count as an absence.

Attendance will be taken everyday the school is open. You will be required to sign an attendance register at every lecture day whether for or informal lectures. Your attendance will for part of your overall grade. Any students who do not have a minimum of 95% attendance will be made to repeat a particular level. Students who present strong reason why they will be away for certain lecture may be excused after a written permission has been sought from the school authorities. Such permission is however limited and will be subject to the discretion of the school authorities. Please note that it will also be taken as gross offence against you when you are found signing the attendance register for someone who is not present in a particular class or if the same is done for you. Both parties will be penalized.

Class attendance expected

Priority is given to attendance at the LJMTI. If you are found outside of class during class time, you will be instructed to get into class. We will give verbal directives to students who are late for class or wandering in the hallways during classes. If we notice a pattern of being late, leaving early or leaving during class, we will give written notice as your failure to comply. After the written notice, you will be given a zero (“0”) for your attendance grade that semester upon the next occurrence.

Business, medical and social appointments should be made for non-school hours.

If classes are missed for any reason, it is your responsibility to see the instructor, school principal for any tests or assignments that might have been given while you were away.